End Of Year

Hello gang!!

Wednesday here to say thanks for an awesome year and to reflect on 2008.

First off, the way I felt this exact same time last year and the way I feel now are planets and life times apart. I have had such a great year, and I've achieved all the goals that I set out to achieve and then some. I couldn't have done it without YOU...the fans, my manager, my band/crew, and all of my friends all around the world. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, YOU KEEP ME ALIVE!!!

So like any other end of the year questions people are always asked... let me answer a few.

Fave albums of 2008:

Waylon Jennings and the 357's -Waylon Forever

Alice Cooper- Along Came a Spider

Walk Hard/Dewey Cox Soundtrack

Motley Crue- Saints of Los Angeles

Butch Walker-Sycamore Meadows

Metallica-Death Magnetic

Slipknot-All Hope Is Gone

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job- Greatest Hits

Fave Movies of 2008:

The Foot Fist Way

Shot By Bullets 3

The Sasquatch Gang

Time Cat

Step Brothers

Tropic Thunder

Pineapple Express

The Dark Night

The Pregnant

Best Friend Fever

Best Live Moment of 2008: So many great shows, but the Halloween show with Hanoi Rocks at the Astoria in London was, and will forever be one of my all time favorite gigs... and an honorable mention goes to the boat gig in Budapest and the DVD taping in Allentown Pa.

Looking forward too the most in 2009: W13's "For Those About to Rot" Feb/Mar tour in America. Our return to Japan supporting the great Hanoi Rocks. The "March of the Damned" UK tour.. Recording the new Bourbon Crow album and taking it on tour. and......??????? You will have to wait and find out what this means:)

So thats my wrap up of 2008, but as I type this Im trying to decide on what to play on the set lists for the upcoming tours?? So Im asking the fans what they want to hear??? Post your comments and let us know what you want to hear and this will help us decide what we play on the set list.

Thanks again for a great, great year... see you all in 2009.

Blood, Guts, and Fire Trucks, Wednesday 13

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