BOURBON CROW, the southern side project of Wednesday 13 and Rayen Belchere (former WEDNESDAY 13 bassist), has posted two new tracks - "Those Southern Times" and "Long Way To The Bottom" - on the band's MySpace page. Both cuts come off the group's forthcoming CD "Long Way To The Bottom", which is scheduled for release in May via Horror High, LLC. A video for "Those Southern Times", which was recently filmed, involves bonfires, machine guns, dynamite and good friends, and should be completed prior to the start of the first BOURBON CROW tour, which will launch in May.

"Long Way To The Bottom" was recorded at Hooverama studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. (This is the same location Wednesday 13 has used for the past 12 years to record his WEDNESDAY 13 and FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13 releases.) A total of 13 songs were recorded for the CD, but only 10 of them will be used for the LP. The recording session was videotaped and the resulting footage may be included with the finished product as a bonus.

BOURBON CROW's touring line up will feature Roman Surman on lead guitar and current WEDNESDAY 13 bassist Nate Manor.

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