Curse of Me is the sixth song off Wednesday 13s second solo album Fang Bang


Take your breath

I rob you of your life

Oh how I love to see you cry

I'm your nightmare in shinning armor

Bringing horror

Your screams can't penetrate my insecurities

My heart stopped beating

When you first said that you loved me

And now I hold you close to me

But I still don't feel a thing

You're so cold and blue

And now I must forget you

Some things are worth dying for

And baby that ain't me

I'm sorry that you couldn't escape

This curse of me

Tonight I hold you one more time

With the stench of formaldehyde

You're my darkest secret

And in my crawl space is where I'll keep it

Your hopes and dreams

Won't ever see the light of day

I took your beauty, your purity

And locked it all away

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