My Home Sweet Homicide is the third song off Wednesday 13s second solo album Fang Bang.

Kind of inspired by cheesy glam-metal ballads, such as Home sweet home by Motley Crue

It Can Also Be Found OnEdit

Fuck It, We'll Do It Live - Solo Works


I've got nothing to lose that's why I'm with you

My X-Ray glasses don't lie

And the best thing about our future

Is knowing that I'm gonna die

It's a simple mistake that anyone could make

And I guess I won the grand prize

A lifetime supply of misery

My home sweet homicide

And I'm so love sick, sick of you

I guess I'll see you in hell

But I'm sure you'd ruin that too

You'll be the death of me

Baby you're my home sweet homicide

You're the reason why I never tried

You're the biggest star in your own mind

No anti-dote, it's a fucking joke

And I'll never get out alive

Now on the count of three

Won't you bury me

Close the casket and say goodbye

And its ashes to ashes, dust to dust

My home sweet homicide

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