1. What made you choose the black and red image? - AdDz

We didn't, ironically we all had red in our hair. No shit.

2. The Misfits or Motley Crue. Discuss. - Patchie

Can't choose, both to me are just as equal and played an integral part of inspiration when I was younger.

3. What's been your best concert experience so far and why? - ricky6sic6

Kiss Reunion Tour 1996 in Ames, Iowa - they are still my favorite band.

4. First, congratulations on throwing the world of rock in 2002 a curve ball with the new album, the press reaction was a joy to behold! The album has proved especially popular in the UK and you've made several trips to acknowledge that. Why do you think it translates so well to the British audience? - Steve Birkett

I'm not sure, but it seems to be working and thanks for the compliment.

5. What horror characters most resemble each one of the band members? Which serial killer best matches your personal tastes/personality traits? - Meredith Richey & Sara Joey Wade

Ben - The Ghoul - Nosferatu Eric - Chucky Joey - Michael Meyers Acey - Jack Skellington Wednesday - Bettlejuice We don't promote serial killers.

6. What will the rest of the band do when Joey returns to Slipknot? Also, will the Murderdolls return with a second album? If so, will it be more of a band effort? - Natalie

They are gonna take a break while I do Slipknot. There will be a new Murderdolls album, we probably have 1/2 the album written plus I might welcome the other members material as well.

7. I was wondering what your opinion on the current metal scene was and where you think metal is heading in the future? - Tony Fuller

Metal will never go away. I don't like most of the new metal bands at all though. Hopefully people will stay away from trends in the future.

8. You've already waited years, so what made you decide that now was the time to get the band together and release an album? - Rich Lemon

I've done Slipknot every day since 1995 with 2 albums and world tours. We wanted to cause some shit and stir things up and I feel that we have so far!

9. If I were to open your CD player right now what CD would I find? And if were to open it 10 years ago what CD would I find? - Stewart Stevenson

Satyricon - Volcano

10. What is going through your mind when you are playing on stage and you see all the fans? - Phil Morgan

I'm one lucky motherfucker.

This episode of Ask The Artist was brought to you by none other than Joey Jordison. Thanks for the time dude.

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