The Rocketship Oddity is the sixth song off Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13s third album Songs from the Recently Deceased.


(Spoken: There are flying saucers) Space sounds

On the rocketship Oddity 13

Where the strange can change

Into stranger things

I command the stars to fall for me

All aboard the rocketship Oddity 13

The rocketship soars through space

For every star there is a scar on my face

No longer part of the human race

There is no planet Earth in my outer space

Oddity 13

Oddity 13

Oddity 13

The stars form in a perfect line

There is nothing left behind

The Oddity has taken flight

I'm so star struck tonight (whispered)


Oddity 13

Oddity 13

Oddity 13

Oddity 13

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