W13 answers some questions Hey guys,

W13 here to answer a few questions and clear the air on the new band Gunfire 76, Wednesday 13 etc.

1. Is Wednesday 13 done with/broke up?

Absolutely not, we are just taking a break. I have been working on W13 non stop since late 2003, and its been an long fun ride but I just need to take a break from it. Having other projects such as the new band Gunfire 76 and Bourbon Crow allows me to venture into other styles of music that i cant do with Wednesday 13. Once I return back to touring/recording with Wednesday 13 it will be full on horror themed ghoul rock as you all expect and know.

2. The New band Gunfire 76, what is it and what is it about?

Gunfire 76 is a new band I have started alongside Todd Youth. While touring with Todd and the Chelsea Smiles last march/april in the UK he and I quickly became good friends and started discussing the idea of forming a band that reflected on our influences like Kiss, Ramones, The Stooges, NY Dolls etc. I will not be playing guitar in this band and will be just the frontman. We will record our debut cd in July and plan to release it and tour the US and Europe by the end of the year.

3. Bourbon Crow, news, more tours?

We just wrapped up the BC tour May 24th in NC and it was great. I had a blast, Thanks to Roman, Rayen, Nate, and our crew Roger and Kris you guys rule. It was a nice change to go out and play as BC and not have to worry about costumes and make up for once. We may do some more BC shows later this year with the 4 of us but in the mean time Rayen and I are considering doing some summer shows as a duo in and around NC. Stay tuned for more info on that.

4. Murderdolls?

Still no def plans but there is talk between Joey and I on a new Murderdolls cd. Keep your fingers crossed, only time will tell.

5. What have you done to your hair?

Yes its true, the dreads are gone. They are in a ziplock bag in my bedroom. Reason? 11 years is long enough for me toting those things around, I needed a change and I did it. Love it or hate it...I refuse to be a slave to an image or hairstyle.

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