Monday, February 16, 2009

Wednesday 13, LLC signs distro deal

Horror High, LLC and Wednesday 13, LLC join forces with MVD Entertainment Group (MVD)

Commented Jon Nelson (CEO Horror High, LLC and manager of Wednesday 13) “We are very excited to announce that MVD Entertainment Group will now be handling distribution for both the labels Horror High, LLC and Wednesday 13, LLC.

It is such an exciting time in the music industry. The ability to get your music out there and really promote your product has never been greater. As Wednesday 13’s manager, we have had a great year self-releasing his product. We have handled everything from the recording, artwork, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, licensing etc. It’s great to have such control, but on the same hand, it takes up a hell of a lot of time and my time can be better spent focusing on his touring and future endeavors.

This new partnership will allow me to concentrate on signing new bands to Horror High, LLC and my management duties (Todd Youth/The Chelsea Smiles and Wednesday 13).

We needed to partner with someone who understands the climate of the industry and is willing to work inside the new parameters. We believe we have found that with MVD. MVD will handle all N. American based distribution for Wednesday 13, LLC , as well as handle the worldwide distribution for Horror High, LLC.”

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