Wednesday 13 to begin recording Gunfire 76

Wednesday 13 will enter the studio on July 1 to begin recording with his new band, Gunfire 76. Currently Wednesday has been writing with Todd Youth (Danzig, D-Generation, The Chelsea Smiles) to record a cd that will have more of a rock sound.

“Gunfire 76 will be my extension in to the rock world. After touring with The Chelsea Smiles, Todd Youth and I would find ourselves discussing the bands we grew up on and decided to put a band together that fits more of the rock n roll sound of Kiss, Deadboys, NY Dolls, The Stooges and the in-your-face rock n roll sound. Not being signed to a record label allows me to create new projects and continue growing as an artist.“

Gunfire 76’s debut is set to be released in Oct 2009. The band will be recording with producer Howard Willing in Los Angeles and are currently setting up a tour for 2009. The cd will be self-released in the the U.S. and Wednesday will partner with a company for overseas distribution.

“Gunfire 76 will be on tour this year. We are currently booking a U.S. / U.K tour for the end of the year with Bullets and Octane. I have always wanted to tour with those guys, but the Wednesday 13 music never fit their rock and roll style. Together this should be one great rock show!”

The band’s myspace is It will be updated with news, info and pictures in the coming weeks.

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